How to add a blur effect mask on OBS and Streamlabs

When streaming you can oftentimes find yourself in situations where you want to hide some things from your audience. Whether it’s your Twitter timeline, In-game chats or something completely different. You might want to hide it.

One of the problems with hiding things on stream using regular images or shape elements is that they look incredibly ugly to the audience. A big brown square over your chat box in Minecraft is extremely bad to look at.

Using a blur effect mask layer is an effective way to hide something sensitive on your stream without it being intrusive and hard to look at.

Here is an example of the blur effect in use on the game Albion Online, to hide sensitive guild chat information from prying eyes.

If you want to add a blur layer like this, you should follow these steps:

Adding a blur layer

  1. Create your standard gameplay layer – This source will be a window capture and act as your base layer where gameplay will be shown
  2. Create a second gameplay layer above the base layer – This source will also be a window capture and will be the layer we turn into the blur region.
  3. Reduce the resolution of this new layer – Right-click the new layer and head down to filters. Insert a new ‘Scaling/Aspect Ratio’ filter and change the type to point then the resolution to something much smaller such as 640 x 360. This will shrink down the layer and take up much less space on the screen.
  4. Stretch this layer back to the original size – Stretching this low-resolution layer back to its original size will create a much blurrier version. If it isn’t blurry straight away, you may need to head straight to the next step.
  5. Crop the layer around the area you want to blur – Hold down the ‘Alt’ key and drag the layer from the sides. This will crop the blur layer and will reveal the original layer behind it, do this until the blur only covers the intended region.

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