Mixer Hypezone: What is it and how to get featured

Are you a smaller streamer? Maybe you stream on Twitch and have found yourself never even passing the 3 viewer mark. Well, this could be something to do with Twitch having no way to find new creators. That is unless you scroll through the category pages. But who wants to do that?

Well, there is some good news! Especially for those of you who play battle royales and consistently find yourself in the top 10. Or have plenty of wins under your belt.

Introducing the Mixer Hypezone:

Mixer Hypezone is an AI built into the Mixer platform that will scan currently live broadcasts to find streamers getting close to an in-game victory. Once it has found someone close to a win, it will display their stream in the Hypezone for that game. Ending when they either win or lose.

What is the Mixer Hypezone used for

Mixer is hot on the heels of the bigger platforms like Twitch and YouTube and they found a flaw in the current design of some of these platforms.

It can be really difficult to find new streamers that you like to watch. This is called discoverability and is that is lacking in the streaming world. Mixer is testing out a variety of features to help give smaller channels some needed exposure and one of the ways is the Hypezone.

If you’re looking for someone new to watch you can just hop onto the Mixer Hypezone for that specific game and watch people crushing games until you find a streamer you like. Hit the follow button and go straight through to their channel. Easy as that.

How can I get into the Mixer Hypezone

To get into the Hypezone you must be playing one of the selected games and be the closest streamer to a win when the current Hypezone streamer finishes their game.

Along with this, there are also a few requirements needed to make sure you get picked up by the AI system that scans the current games.

  • Full-Screen Game – Make sure you don’t have any borders around your game or an overlay that puts your game in a smaller window, this will stop you from being selected.
  • Players Remaining Counter – To be chosen you have to make sure the ‘players remaining’ counter is visible, otherwise it won’t know whose close to the win!
  • Good Stream Quality – If you have a bad connection, laggy stream or otherwise below-average stream quality, you’re much less likely to be chosen for the Hypezone.

Mixer does cycle the current streamer in the Hypezone quite regularly so don’t be too disheartened if you haven’t been featured yet. If you want to improve your chances of getting in there, you need to make sure you win lots of games. Or at least get close!

Can I opt-out of the Hypezone?

Yes! The Hypezone is designed for fast-paced and high-energy streaming that showcases your skills and gets new eyes on your stream. If you’re not quite feeling yourself, or maybe you just don’t have much energy to entertain, you can always opt-out of the Hypezone.

To opt-out, you need to visit the ‘Broadcast Page’ on your ‘Broadcast Dashboard’, disable the option and click ‘Save’ to apply the changes.

What games work with Mixer Hypezone

With Mixer looking to provide quality gameplay and some high-intensity situations, Battle Royale games take the cake. There are currently 5 games to choose from with more in the pipeline.

Take a look below and see which games you like and even visit their Hypezone page to watch the streams.


One of the most popular games in the world currently. Fortnite is a cartoon style battle-royale game with over 250 million registered players. Drop-in from the battle-bus and pit yourself against the enemy in Solo, Duo or Squad mode.

Visit HypeZoneFortnite


The original creator of the battle royale game mode is the brains behind PUBG. One of the most successful games to hit shelves selling over 10 million copies worldwide. Known for its more realistic style and intense gameplay.

Visit HypeZonePUBG

Apex Legends

One of the newer kids on the block Apex Legends had an explosive start with thanks to Twitch and the growth of streamers. Apex’s social campaign has launched it into a top position as a battle royale and is played by millions of people across the world.

Visit HypeZoneApexLegends

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Finally, one of the biggest gaming franchises ever has bought into the battle-royale craze and implemented ‘blackout’ on CoD: BO4. If Call of Duty is your game of choice you will find a mix of streamers playing the battle royale game mode in the Hypezone.

Visit HypeZoneBlackOps4

Rainbow 6 Siege

The only game in this list that isn’t a battle royale! An intense 5v5 shooter with tactical objective gameplay, a host of unique operators and a thriving e-sports scene. Get in on the action and watch some insane clutch moments in the Hypezone.

Visit HypeZoneRainbow6

Are YOU trying to grow your stream?

If you’re a streamer on Twitch, YouTube or Mixer and you’re looking to grow much bigger in 2021 then this article is a MUST READ. Whether you’re starting from zero or already established, the information here will make sure 2021 your best year yet!

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