Streaming on Mixer or YouTube as a Twitch Affiliate

If you’re involved in the streaming community you can tell there is a hype building around Mixer. Their recent acquisitions of Ninja and Shroud have started to turn eyes towards the Microsoft company and with that, other streamers are deciding if they want to make the move.

Similar things are starting to happen with YouTube after having recently acquired CourageJD to their partnered streaming roster. People think Twitch might be losing some ground and people are keen to choose a new winning platform to host their stream.

If you are already a streamer on Twitch, you may even be an affiliate or partner, so here are some answers to questions you may have.

Can I stream on Mixer or YouTube as a Twitch Affiliate?

Yes, absolutely. Twitch Affiliates have signed an exclusivity clause meaning any content streamed on Twitch cannot be shown on another platform for at least 24 hours. So as long as you aren’t dual streaming or showing re-runs you will be fine.

So if you’re an affiliate you can still go ahead and start a stream on Mixer or YouTube, to test it out and see how you like it. You won’t have any repercussions from Twitch.

Can I stream on Mixer and Twitch at the same time?

If you are an affiliate or partner on Twitch, No. This goes back to the exclusivity clause which says you can’t show your Twitch content on another platform for 24 hours.

If however, you are not a Twitch affiliate and you are unable to earn revenue from subs and bits, you can absolutely stream to both platforms. To do this you can use a program such as which allows you to stream on multiple platforms at the same time. Doing so can be a great way to find your favourite platform if you’re just starting out!

Do Mixer streamers get Paid?

Regular streamers on Mixer will not be eligible for monetization. You can still receive donations via third-party applications, and find external sponsorships to help build revenue.

However, to earn money through embers, sparks, subscriptions and ad revenue on Mixer, you must become a Mixer Partner.

What is a Mixer Partner and how do I become one?

Mixer Partner gives access to monetization features such as ad revenue, subscriptions, sparks, embers and commissions.

These perks aren’t widely available yet to a large number of streamers on the platform and you must apply for the partner program. Applying for the program is not the easiest process which adds to its exclusivity.

You must pass two stages of examination to become a partner:

The Stream Quality

Each application is reviewed by real people and the actual quality of the each channel is judged to see if it would be a good fit for the Mixer platform. They look at brand, professionalism, uniqueness and community building.

Streamers are encouraged to be community-driven and to always be striving to improve their channel, this is a good sign to Mixer that you are ready to take things to the next level.

Your Metrics

Not just anyone can be brought in to the program, so there are some minimum requirements your channel must meet before you can apply for partnership. They are as follows:

  • Account age: Must be older than 2 months
  • Followers: At least 2000 followers
  • Streams per month: 12 or more days a month
  • Hours streamed per month: 25 or more hours a month
  • ToS and Conduct: In good standing

Have an established Brand

Mixer recognizes that some people may already have an established brand or audience on YouTube or Twitch, therefore they are making some exceptions to their onboarding process.

You can reach out to Mixer and potentially get partner status more quickly if you have either:

  • 100k Views in the last 30 days on YouTube
  • 300+ average concurrent viewers on Twitch
  • Partner status on Twitch

This could help you make a more seamless transition from your current platform over to Mixer if you decide its the best fit.

What is the difference between Twitch Affiliate and Mixer Partner?

If you’re looking to make the move from Twitch to Mixer you may wonder what the difference is between the different programs.

With Twitch Affiliate, you are taking a step in the right direction to make better relationships with Twitch and to start monetizing your content. This could help you create more content or even go full time if you get enough.

To do this they give you access to:

  • Subscription revenue
  • Advertising revenue
  • Donations from Bits
  • Commission from sales

If you’d like to know more about Twitch Affiliate, we have an article here, that tells you everything there is to know in detail, which might help you make a more informed decision about moving.

Mixer Partner is more comparable to Twitch Partner, with it being a much closer connection to the organisation. Some of the perks of Mixer Partner are:

  • Priority Support with Private Discord Access & Direct Partner Managers
  • 2 Standard emotes and more at sub-goals
  • Free Pro status on the website for their channel
  • Early access to testing new features
  • A portion of subscriber revenue
  • A portion of advertising revenue
  • Monetization of embers and sparks

With Mixer Partner, you can also still stream to multiple platforms at the same time as you are not bound by an exclusivity clause like you are as a Twitch Affiliate / Partner.

Is Mixer better than Twitch?

Currently, Twitch is still leading the charge with more viewers, streamers and features. However, Mixer is adapting quickly and taking feedback directly from their Partners to make the platforms as good as possible.

If you’re looking for more information on the differences between Twitch, Mixer and YouTube as potential streaming platforms, and want to know which is better for you. You can find our post here that tells you everything you need to know.

Are YOU trying to grow your stream?

If you’re a streamer on Twitch, YouTube or Mixer and you’re looking to grow much bigger in 2021 then this article is a MUST READ. Whether you’re starting from zero or already established, the information here will make sure 2021 your best year yet!

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