How To Setup A Discord Server For Streamers

For many established streamers it’s important for them to have a place to call their own and for somewhere to talk to their community even when they aren’t online. Discord seems to fill this gap quite nicely.

While it’s not always recommended, some smaller streamers would like their own discord servers to try and build their community. In this complete guide, you will find absolutely everything you need to get a fully functional discord server off the ground.

Quick Start Template

If you’re looking to skip straight to the good part you can follow this link to get my ready-made server template that is oven-baked and ready to go, all you need to do is tailor it to your needs and play with the permissions to get it how you like it!

If you want to learn how to create a server from scratch, continue with the rest of the guide!


Basic Settings

To get started with creating your community server, you should begin by signing in to your discord account and starting a new server. Click the + icon in the server list.

After that, you will have to click ‘Create a Server’ and enter the title of your new discord server. Once you’ve done that you can quickly select your closest server region to provide a stable connection.

Next, you will want to add your logo or a graphic as your display picture. This should be easily identifiable for people in their list of discord servers so they know it is yours. When you’re ready, hit ‘Create’ to get going!

Roles & Permissions

Discord has a strong permissions system that is embedded in roles. Rather than giving singular people different permissions to kick, ban or edit channels, you will give them a role that has those permissions enabled.

This means that one of the first things you should do when starting your discord server is to understand how you would like it to be structured and lay out the foundations of your permissions.

Setting Up Roles

Click on your new server name with the drop-down arrow and select settings to open up your server settings dashboard.

Firstly we’re quickly going to head over to moderation and choose ‘Low’, this will reduce the likelihood of spam accounts while still making it easy for new people to join your community. After that head over to ‘Roles’ and begin setting up our structure.

I’m going to add three new roles: Owner, Moderator, and Member (Later we will add a Twitch / Mixer Subscriber role). Changing their colors to be unique and ordering them so the more important roles are higher up in the list.

Naming your roles can be fun and engaging with your audience, especially if you get it to fall in line with your branding. Normally you will want to have between 3 and 4 different roles in your server but here is a list of the different kinds.

  • Owner – This is you and will have permission to do anything.
  • Everyone – The default role when you join the server with little to no permissions
  • Moderator – A trusted role from someone in your community to help make sure things stay on track.
  • Member- A standard role for people who have joined your community.
  • Subscriber – You can integrate Twitch / Mixer / YouTube to be able to recognize subscribers to your channel and give them a special rank
  • VIP / Premium – These roles are for people who are most supportive in your community that may receive special perks for being loyal.

Managing Permissions

Once you have chosen which of the roles you want to have in your server you should begin creating them and setting up.

Owner‘ will have all the permissions and act as an admin account. Do this by scrolling down the list and clicking each tick button.

Next, we will move on to the Moderator role and add the following permissions to the existing defaults:

  • Kick Members
  • Ban Members
  • Manage Nickname
  • Manage Emojis

  • Manage Messages
  • Mute Members
  • Deafen Members
  • Move Members

You may want to tweak these permissions based on the trust level you have with any moderators you are going to want to appoint. If you trust them you may be able to give them other permissions like Emoji, Channel and Role management.

After that, we’ll set up a standard Member role. The only thing you will need to change from a default role is to remove the permission ‘Mention Everyone’. This will stop people from sending @everyone pings in your discord and forcing them to mute your server.

You can then create as many roles as you wish based on ‘Member’ with different names, colors, and designs. These will share the same permissions as Member but can have different cosmetic appeal or access to exclusive areas.

Categories & Channels

If you understand how you want to layout your server these next few steps will be really simple to execute. If you don’t, you should do some rough planning just so you have a good idea!

To help guide you through setting up your text channels I’ll outline some popular types of channels below and you and can start to piece together what it is you’re looking for.

  • Welcome Area
  • Announcements and Events
  • Updates and Changelogs
  • General Chat
  • Memes and Random Posts
  • NSFW Posts
  • Food / Photography / Niche Posting
  • Bots for Music / Games / Extras
  • Subscriber-Only Channels

When thinking about the kinds of channels that you want in your community server you should think about the environment you’re looking to create.

Creating Channels

To start creating the text channels, right-click in the discord panel next to your default channels. Next, you should click create a channel, select text channel and enter the name you’d like.

To make your channel names more interesting you can add emojis that represent the kind of things that should be posted in there. Visit this site if you’d like to see the emoji keyboard from a desktop.

Note: There can’t be any spaces in text channel names and they will all begin with ‘#’ so you should structure it like – #🎉lounge-general-chat

Creating Categories

After you have created all of the channels you would like to have, you should separate them into categories. This makes it easier to navigate and read, plus users can hide the channels they don’t use often.

Right-click in the server side-bar and click ‘Create Category’, and then enter a name and hit create.

Here is how I have set out this server layout.

TIP: You might find it easier to create the categories first and fill out the missing channels. Often its better to start with the out structure and work in.

Text Formatting

Getting your discord to look great, often comes down to the way you display your information. Welcome messages, rules pages and announcements can go from looking like a boring note to an interactive message with the use of text formatting and emoji.

Understanding the different ways of formatting text in discord is quite easy and is similar to other platforms if you’re used to it. Here is a list of all the different markdown language and ways you can display text.

  • Italics: *Welcome!* OR _Welcome!_ = Welcome!
  • Bold: **Welcome!* = Welcome!
  • Underline: __Welcome!__ = Welcome!
  • Strikethrough: ~~Welcome!~~ = Welcome!

You can then combine these types of markdown language to form multiple formatted strings like as follows.

  • Italics Underline: __*Welcome!*__ = Welcome!
  • Bold Italics: ***Welcome!*** = Welcome!
  • Underline Bold Italics: __***Welcome!***__ = Welcome!

To give your messages a stylized look you can also use the code block feature, which usually allows you to type code directly into a discord message and it will retain its formatting.

  • Code Block: “` Welcome! “` = Welcome!

Rules and Welcomes

Now that you understand text formatting you should create the rules for your server. They will be displayed in a welcome channel for when someone enters your server.

You may choose to do it a different way, but here is how I set out the rules and welcome message.

Discord Server Welcome Message Template

Hello there! Welcome to the {Server Name}

Here is a place for {Brief description of servers purpose}.
To get involved head over to our #🎉general-chat and say hello!
Before you do make sure to read the RULES.


  1. Be respectful. Disagreements are allowed but no personal attacks.
  2. There are no stupid questions. If you don’t want to help then just don’t reply.
  3. Don’t shamelessly advertise. Look to add value to the community don’t just take from it.

Enjoy the community. If you want to reach out to me directly, my DMs are open. Cheers 👍

To add this to your server you should paste it as a message in the #welcome channel and make sure that no other users can post in there.

Edit the permissions by right-clicking on the channel and clicking ‘Edit Channel’. Browse to ‘Permissions’ and you will want to make sure all of the permissions are set to No (X) except for ‘Add Reactions‘ at the bottom.

Custom Emotes

Make your discord server lively and unique by adding some custom emotes! Further in this article, you will find integrations with Twitch, and if enabled you can also allow access to your Twitch Emotes for subscribers on the channel.

Emotes bring character and life to messages and are now used regularly all over the web. Discord being no exception. Add memes, gif-emotes and more with the custom emoji section by following these simple steps.

How to add custom emoji and emotes to discord servers

To add custom emojis you must first make sure you have your image prepared and ready to upload. A square image with a 1:1 ratio is best and 128 x 128px is recommended for emotes. They will be sized down to 32 x 32px.

Uploading the new emote is easy. Visit your discord server settings by clicking on the dropdown menu. Then click Server Settings > Emoji > Upload Emoji.

Here you can upload images or gifs that will be used to fill up the server emoji slots. Your emote will be named based on the source file and can be seen in the server with :NewEmojiNameHere: or by finding it in the emoji panel.

Animated Emoji can only be used by Discord Nitro members, as well as being able to use your custom emotes in any discord server. When people subscribe to discord nitro they also receive a single server token that can be spent on a server of their choosing each month.

When a server reaches different milestones of tokens, they will gain benefits such as more emoji slots and premium download speeds.


Integrating your existing social media and platforms on Discord is a great idea, it not only allows people to find everything all in one place, but it also can showcase supporters across different platforms via roles.

Integrations with each platform will follow the same simple process. Follow these instructions to add each platform you wish to work with and then read below to get an idea of use cases for each integration.

Head over to your Discord Server Settings and Click ‘Integrations’. If you click into here and don’t find anything, you may need to link your Discord Account to the services you’d like to use.

You can find out how to do that by visiting the Discord StreamKit page.

After you’ve linked your discord with your Twitch / Mixer / YouTube / Patreon, you need to click ‘Sync’ on the integrations page. This will add a new role to your server and maybe a bot to your server which will allow you to add new exclusive features.


One of the biggest things integrations with Twitch will bring is the ability to give subscribers a special role in your discord. You can then create special text or voice channels only accessible to that role.

Doing so gives you an exclusive perk to showcase on stream and could encourage more subscriptions. But make sure that this exclusive zone is valuable to a subscriber if you want to incentivize it!

Examples of exclusive content here could be subscriber-only giveaways or access to subscriber-only content like a video guide or podcast episodes.


Linking to your YouTube channel gives you similar benefits that you get with Twitch, however, it makes them available to YouTube Memberships. (The paid subscriptions on YouTube)

Again make sure to give some tangible exclusives in these channels like early access to videos or a member-only series.


Patreon allows you to do the same things as integrating with Twitch and YouTube except you can separate rewards into different tiers of Patreon support.

If someone is supporting you with a large cash amount via Patreon you could think about adding a flashy and stand-out role and give them access to special rewards in the discord.

Patreon users normally subscribe for different levels of benefits so just remember you can include discord roles/rewards in the list of benefits.

After you have included all of the integrations you want on your server, it’s time to move on to adding some bots.

How to Add Role Exclusive Channels

Once you’ve synced your discord account with your favorite third-party applications like Twitch or Mixer, you will have new role on your server that will be accessible only to paid subscribers.

If you have set up a members-only exclusive area on your discord server you are going to want to limit the permissions to only be accessible to your most loyal supporters.

To do this you will want to right-click on the channel, or category if you have a subscriber-only category. Then hit ‘edit’ and navigate to ‘Permissions’.

Here you are going to make sure that ‘read text channels’ and ‘see voice channels’ are crossed off to the ‘everyone’ role. Then you will insert your subscriber role with the little plus button and make sure that ‘see voice channels’ and ‘read text channels’ are ticked.

This will make sure that your subscriber-only zone will be hidden to everyone who isn’t subscribed. If people have issues with not being able to see channels when they are subscribed make sure they have their discord linked to their Twitch / Mixer account.

What Bots Should I Have?

Discord bots are getting incredibly advanced, giving you the ability to do some crazy things in your server. In this guide, I will go over some of the most essential bots and some others that are popular in community servers.


Mee6 bot is the most comprehensive discord bot on the market right now. Creating custom commands, moderation, Live alerts and a leveling system are just a few of the amazing features that this bot can provide.

It is free to use and is ideal for getting your community discord server setup. There is also a premium option that gives you some cosmetic upgrades as well as a music bot plugin and record-plugin that allows you to record conversations to an MP3 file.


RythmBot is a simple and easy to use discord bot that allows you to listen to music with friends in your voice channels. It offers high-quality music that can be sourced from YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify and more.

The team at RythmBot is always working to make sure there is little to no lag and that the bot is always feature-rich, now being able to provide lyrics!

Currently used on over 5.5 million discord servers, RythmBot is the way to go for an easy to use and free music provider.


PokeCord is a discord bot that allows people to catch, train and battle pokemon from inside a discord server. Games on discord have become quite popular and PokeCord is one of the major ones.

Catch pokemon that randomly appear in your server, level them up through battle and spend credits in the shop. Then collect as many as you can and even trade them with your friends!


Mudae is a great bot for anime lovers. It comes with online mini-games like the discord gacha card game with more than 32,000 waifus to collect.

It comes with over 100,000 images and gifs and allows you to get anime quotes straight into your text channels. Fully translated for use in English and French along with Partial Translations for Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese and German.


IdleRPG is one of the best discord chat games available. It has everything you would expect from an RPG including, classes, dungeons, PvP, raids, guides and more.

It’s easy to use and simple to set-up. If you’re looking for something fun to introduce to a small community, consider setting up IdleRPG for lots of fun.

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