What are subscriber streams on Twitch? All you need to know.

Have you ever jumped into a stream on Twitch, to be given 5-minute only preview? Well, recently I did. When I entered this stream I had a banner run along the top of my screen saying, ‘Dave0187 is streaming for subscribers – your free preview ends in 5:29’ I realized this must be the new Subscriber Stream feature that I hadn’t checked out! Having done some research I understand them a little better and I’d like to try to explain it as best as I can. So what is a Subscriber Stream on Twitch?

A Subscriber Stream on Twitch can only be viewed by subscribers of that channel. It gives content creators a unique way to give back to their most loyal supporters. Streamers can give free access to channel moderators and VIPs while also controling who can access the clips and VoDs.

After having looked into this new feature I think it will be interesting to see how content creators can get the most out of it, without making their stream inaccessible to new supporters.

Who can access Subscriber Streams on Twitch?

When I first heard about this feature I assumed it would only be accessible to Twitch Partners. After reading through some articles, however, it appears that both Twitch Affiliates and Partners have access to Subscriber Streams but there are a couple of requirements. What are these requirements?

To be eligible for Subscriber Streaming on Twitch, you must have streamed on at least 90 unique days during your time as an affiliate or partner, with no violation of the Terms of Service during those latest 90 days.

This means you can indeed start a subscriber stream as an affiliate, but you will need to have had at least 90 days of streaming inside of the affiliate program first, plus any violations of Terms of Service will require you to have an additional 90 days.


How to start a Subscriber Stream on Twitch?

So you’ve looked at your Twitch Dashboard and noticed you’re eligible for a Subscriber Stream. Great, let’s take a quick look at how we can begin one.

  1. Visit your channel dashboard
  2. Find the Stream Information Tab and select ‘All Subscribers’ under the ‘Audience’ setting.
  3. Modify permissions for VIPs and Moderators if needed.
  4. Tag your stream for increased visibility
  5. Go live from your broadcasting software.

It’s super easy to start a subscriber stream once you’re eligible, but make sure that you change your audience back once you’re done streaming to that audience only! Changes to your audience won’t take place mid-stream, so if you’re wanting to change to and from subscriber-only, you will need to restart your stream on each change.

How do Clips and VoDs work with Subscriber Streams?

If you think about the idea of clips and VoDs on Twitch, they’re easy to understand. You watch a stream, enjoy a moment, clip it and then it can show up on the broadcasters’ recent or featured clips. VoDs are just past broadcasts stored on each channel. Simple right?

Well if you add in the idea that only subscribers can watch the stream, what happens to the clips and VoDs that come from those streams? Well, here how it works.

How do clips work during a Subscriber Stream

During a subscriber stream, clips will still be captured and published as normal, they will be visible to both subs and non-subs unless you moderate them accordingly in your clips manager.

How do VoDs work during a Subscriber Stream

After a subscriber stream, VoDs will automatically be available for subscribers and you will have to manage their permissions individually via the Video Producer tab in the dashboard.

Subscriber Squad Streams

Subscriber Streams are supposed to be a way to give back to your community and provide them with some exclusive content. How does this feature interact with squad streams?

For a squad stream, if you are currently broadcasting in subscriber only viewing, people will be able to view your stream for a short preview window in the squad stream view. If they would like to continue watching you on the squad stream they will need to subscribe to your channel.

What is a Squad Stream?

Not sure what a Squad Stream is? It’s a new feature on Twitch that allows upto 4 streamers to broadcast together and be watched simultaneously on 1 window. An in-built function that offers similar function to sites like MultiTwitch.

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