The Best Bots For Your Twitch or YouTube Stream

There are many different things you need to do as a streamer, usually all at once. When you start to gain some viewership and begin interacting with your audience a lot more, it can become more than a handful to manage.

Chatbots were invented with the streamer in mind. In the early days, they allowed Twitch streamers to automate some small tasks and assist with chat moderation.

These days, the bots have become engines with which you can power your stream. Featuring things like custom commands, song requests, spam filters, giveaways, timed commands & more. They are incredibly useful and have become much more capable in the process.

Multi-Platform Bots

There are lots of bots for Twitch, YouTube & now Mixer and it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Here is a summary of the best bots that can be used on a variety of platforms.

Cloudbot (Streamlabs Bot)

Streamlabs has filled a space in the streaming market that was needed for years. They have become a multi-tool for everything you need. Their own version of the original Open Broadcasting Service, Streamlabs OBS, is now one of the most used broadcasting softwares.

With them providing the streaming software, they’ve made it part of a seamless user experience to integrate Cloudbot, their very own streaming client.

This feature-rich client has many different abilities, a simple and easy to use interface and is built-in to the majority of streamers software. Definitely our go-to option for new streamers.

Here is a list of some of the most used features:

  • Chat Alerts – For Raid / Host Notifications
  • Media Sharing
  • Loyalty Points & Betting
  • Chat Minigames
  • Custom & Timed Commands
  • Chat Polls
  • Quote Directory – For Tracking Funny Quotes
  • Cloud-Based
  • Custom Spam Filters
  • Giveaways & Merch Sales

This platform is the most comprehensive on the market and is supported by a talented team of dedicated developers. Streaming is a growing market and Streamlabs isn’t going anywhere right now so this is a brilliant choice for new and experienced streamers.

StreamElements Bot

StreamElements is one of bigger competitors against streamlabs, recently launching their own OBS.Live to rival StreamlabsOBS and also having very similar products.

If you choose to use StreamElements for as your chatbot you may find it better to switch to OBS.Live as your software to enhance your user experience and have a more seamless broadcast.

StreamElements offer a chat bot that can work on Twitch, YouTube & Mixer but also Facebook. It comes loaded with lots of good features and is actively developed to follow the common trends and keep up to date.

Here is a list of feature they include:

  • Loyalty Points System
  • Contests & Giveaways with Points
  • Leaderboard Extension
  • Advanced Media Sharing
  • Fully Customiseable Stream Store
  • Custom & Timed Commands
  • Chat Minigames
  • Twitter Integration
  • Chat Alerts – For Raid / Host Notifications
  • Custom Spam Filters
  • Cloud-Based

Overall StreamElements is a good choice and is likely going to be the biggest rival to StreamLabs for number 1 spot in the future.


Nightbot is the oldest and most established live streaming bot on the market. The initial setup phase can be a little tiresome however there is a huge amount of depth to the program and lots of customization.

Here is a list of features that are available with Nightbot:

  • Custom Dynamic Chat Commands
  • Giveaway Client
  • Additional Permission Level
  • AutoDJ – Integrated Song Requests
  • Custom Spam Protection
  • Timed Chat Messages
  • Nightbot Managers

The custom commands with Nightbot allow you to create complex API commands that can fetch data from third-parties. Experienced developers can use this to create custom user experiences within the chat.

There is also a list of common commands that can be found for streamers in their documentation, that allow you to fetch various third-party data. Examples of this are League of Legends Ranks, PSN Trophies, Follower Count and more.

Nightbot is definitely a good all-round choice whether you are starting fresh or an experienced streamer.


Botismo is a new chatbot on the market, developed by a ThinkTank in Texas, they have launched as a subscription-based CBaaS or ChatBot as a Service. Yes, that means you need to pay for it!

They offer a variety of features, however, for a monthly price tag of at least $5 you are not getting anything you could find in one of the other bots for free.

This product is looking to be aimed at E-Sports teams and organiser who have a budget to use and would like to track data across multiple users.

If you’re looking for a casual setup and not looking for any overheads, skip this bot!

It does however offer its services to all Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and Discord Streamers. It will be interesting to see how the growth of discord streaming impacts the use of this specific chat bot.

Choose the bot right for you

When it comes to moderating your chat and cultivating an interactive audience, bots are essential for automation. Choosing the right bot is a personal thing and some people have their favourites. Our is stream elements, and if you’re new to the scene, that’s where we’d recommend you start.

But if you’re interesting in trying something new, go for it! You won’t really know till you try! Best of luck!

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