The Rise of Twitch Gambling

When it comes to Twitch, there always seems to be some controversy around who’s doing what and how things should be run. The latest event to enter the crosshair is the rampant rise of Casino streams. These streams are attracting 30+ thousand concurrent viewers each day for some of the top performers, and people are starting to poke holes in the ethics of the streams.

What is the Twitch Gambling Controversy?

As of mid-2021, Gambling streams have become very very popular. Some streamers are cashing multi-million dollar sponsorship cheques while their young, impressionable audiences sign up to shady online crypto casinos.

Notable streamers like Roshstein, Trainwrecks and xQc are in the limelight for bringing huge audiences to watch them spend litterally millions of dollars a day at online casinos. Arguments are breaking out wether it’s right to let impressionable young children watch millionaires win hundreds of thousands of dollars at break neck speed, while promoting affiliate links that earn themselves a commision each time someone signs up.

The casino affiliate business has been around for a long, long time and its nothing new, people are paid each time they refer someone to a casino. But Twitch has changed the dynamic, allowing people to feel the rush of winning by watching someone, and wanting to replicate the results in real time. Should this be allowed?

Is Gambling Allowed On Twitch?

Yes, gambling is currently allowed on Twitch. Their terms of service don’t prevent it, and no action has been taken against any streamers for doing so.

But that said, is it right and will it continue to be allowed? I think not. I actually find some of the content that these streamers create to be incredibly enteretaining, but I also find myself wanting to gambling more often when watching them. Now if I’m more inclined to do so, there will be others out there too that are getting in over their heads.

So what? People can make their own choices. Sure, I can agree to that. But I also think that Twitch will need to be seen as safeguarding vulnerable people when it comes to their money and health.

Why is this blowing up?

Crypto. Crypto is why Twitch Gambling is blowing up right now. We’ve had multiple instances of gambling on twitch already, but none to this scale. (Think CS:GO Case opening, Skin Sites and such.) But Crypto however, hasn’t been limited to just gamers.

Like it or not there is a widespread adoption of crypto around the world, and other than pure speculation, their are few use cases at the moment. Wait whats that I hear you say? Unlicensed, unregulated and anonymous gambling accesible to any one in the world? Yeah, thats why gambling is blowing up on Twitch. Anyone can sign up to one of the select affilated casinos, Stake, Gamdon, Roobet, and get started within minutes. Unlike the heavily regulated gambling markets across the world.

What might happen next?

I don’t see gambling on Twitch getting a whole carpet ban. The idea of that seems too drastic and unlikely to work out great for Twitch. I do think they will need to take action however, with some countries goverments now stepping in to ban because of gambling violations.

Trainwrecks has suggested that Twitch create a section of their website that allows certain activites, like gambling and more NSFW content. I can see something similar to this happening, however nothing explicit. Twitch needs to keep a clean reputation if they want to create an advertiser friendly site. My theory is a much more heavily regulated maturity filter. Think, “You must be over the age of 18 to watch this livestream” type pop-up when you click on. It won’t stop the problem sure, but I think it’s what Twitch will do to protect themselves while retaining viewership.

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