Twitch Bits: Free Bits, Pricing, Mobile & More [2021]

Content creators have now been monetizing their online content for some time, whether it is through ad revenue, partnerships, affiliation or donations.

Donations have historically been a large portion of streamer revenue and before Twitch released their ‘bits’ function, they were all taken via off-platform vendors like Paypal or processed by third-party developers like Streamlabs.

So what are Twitch Bits?

Bits are the digital currency used by Twitch to give viewers the ability to safely donate to their favorite streamers, with each bit being worth 1 cent to the broadcaster.

With the introduction of Bits, Twitch has managed to capitalize on some of the revenue shares from these donations by taking their cut when a user is purchasing these bits. However, with this cut Twitch also promises to make the transaction safer for both the viewer and the streamer, handling all charge-backs and fraud attempts.

How much do Twitch Bits cost

Bits on Twitch need to be purchased and added to your account’s wallet. These can then be spent on broadcasters in the use of ‘Cheers’ – The message that carries a donation in chat.

How much do these bits cost and which package is the best value?

Number of BitsPrice ($)Twitch’s’ Cut (%)

When a creator receives bits, they are worth exactly $0.01 each. This means when a streamer is given 100 bits by a viewer then they will have earned $1 in revenue.

From the table above we can see that Twitch is applying their additional fees to the purchaser of the bits, and not the content creator. This is in contrast to a platform like YouTube where they have ‘Superchats’.

On YouTube, a viewer can donate $5 to their favourite streamer via Superchat, and the content creator will only receive 70% of that. This means that YouTube charges a flat 30% fee on all Superchat revenue, whereas Twitch fees range from 40% in the $1 purchases down to 23% in the big packages.

Who can benefit from Bits and by how much

Not just any streamer on Twitch can receive Bits and the monetary value assigned to them. You must be either a Twitch Affiliate or Partner to have cheering enabled in your chat.

Once you have been on-boarded into the Twitch Affiliate Program you are able to receive subscriptions, bits from cheers, affiliate commission and advertising revenue from your streams. You can click here to read more about the Twitch Affiliate Program.

When bits are donated to a streamer via cheering, they are valued at $0.01 per bit. This means when a streamer receives 100 bits they have earned $1 in revenue.

How to purchase Twitch Bits

The easiest way to get Bits on Twitch is to purchase them from the website. To do this follow these really simple steps.

  1. Click ‘Get Bits’ on any page of Twitch

  2. Select a package to purchase

  3. Choose your payment method

  4. Checkout with your payment details

  5. Receive Bits into your online wallet

How to earn Free Twitch Bits

If you’re not really up for paying a big chunk of cash for some Twitch Bits, you may be looking for some ways to earn them for free. Luckily for you, there are two different methods that can land you some freebies.

Viewing Ads

It should be common knowledge by now that advertisers will pay to serve ads to people and by watching those ads, you could land yourself a portion of that price, even if it’s only a small amount.

On Twitch you can earn some free bits by watching interactive ads on both Desktop and Mobile devices. Follow these easy steps to get started.

Desktop & Mobile Tutorial

How To Get Twitch Bits For Free on Mobile and PC

  1. Disable any AdBlocker.

    This method will involve watching adverts, so you will need to disable any Ad-blocking software or extensions you have installed.

  2. Visit a channel with Bits enabled.

    To be given the option for viewing ads, you will need to be on a channel or stream with bit donations available.

  3. Click the Bits Icon and then ‘Get Bits’.

    The bit icon is displayed as a small diamond shape next to the emoji icon. This will give you a pop-up window where you can spend bits you have acquired or get more bits via purchases and ad viewings.

  4. Click ‘Watch Ad’ to launch advert.

    After you have clicked on ‘Watch Ad’, an advert will launch. Having this open on your screen will signal that you have watched the ad allowing you to receive the reward.

  5. Receive Free Bits.

    After your advert has ended you should be presented with a screen that will display how many bits you have earned from watching that advert. This could range from 2-100 bits, but most often you will receive between 2 and 10.

Try Again Later

If you’re trying to watch ads to receive free bits, you may have realized that you can only watch a small number of ads per day, or maybe you can’t even watch ads at all.

The ads for bits feature is still experimental and therefore it is not always available to be used. If you’re looking for another way to earn free bits, we can take a look at TwitchRPG.

How to earn free twitch bits with TwitchRPG

With Twitch now being a huge market leader for streaming, they are looking to make sure that their platform stays ahead of the curve. One of the ways they are looking to do this is with the introduction of TwitchRPG (Twitch Research Power Group!). Sidenote – TwitchRPG has just expanded! They’re changing up a few things from 2019 and are now much more open to applicants, so get signed up!

TwitchRPG is a feedback system that allows Twitch to present users with surveys and questions about, topics related to new features, emotes and advertisements.

With this feedback, they can provide a better service for their users and their advertisers who pay to be seen on the platform. You can be rewarded with free bits or entries to sweepstakes for giving your feedback.

Participating in these questionnaires typically takes around 15 minutes on average, and depending on the type of survey you can receive between 0 and 500 bits for your time!

The number of bits you will receive for completing the survey will always be stated before you complete it so you could choose to only enter the ones that give you some amount of bits.

However, every survey you complete will give you an entry to the monthly sweepstake where you could win large amounts of bits, or even Twitch swag.

So in summary, To earn free twitch bits, simply sign up to TwitchRPG and complete surveys. Each survey can reward you with 0 to 500 bits in around 10 minutes. You can also farm free bits by watching adverts on mobile or desktop.

How to sign up for TwitchRPG

If you want to start receiving free Twitch Bits and be entered into a monthly sweepstake, you can visit the TwitchRPG website here and click on ‘Join Now’

You will first have to connect your Twitch account and then may need to fill out a detailed profile of yourself to be presented with only relevant questionnaires and surveys.

Once you are signed up and have your profile, you will periodically receive email notifications when you have been assigned a new survey to complete. If you do not complete any surveys for a long period of time your account may be struck off from participating.

What is cheering?

So if you’ve managed to acquire some Bits you might be looking to use them and give back to your favourite content creator. You can do this through the process of cheering.

This is similar to the Superchat idea on YouTube and it allows you to create a message that is sent in the streamers chat, but it gives the streamer revenue in the process.

Cheers are often recognised in chats because you’re giving money to the streamer, so if you have an important message you can say it with a cheer.

This way the streamer will see certainly see your message in the chat, on their stream dashboard or even have it read out loud with Text-To-Speech if they have it enabled.

You can also attach your bits to a cheer with different animated emotes. These animations can change depending on the number of bits given at one time.

So what the difference between cheering and bits?

If it’s still a little unclear what the difference between cheering bits is, here the simplest way to describe both of them.

  • Bits – Are the currency used to donate to a streamer
  • Cheer – Is the message sent in chat that contains Bits

Cheers can contain animated emotes and be read out-loud by Text-To-Speech software or the streamer themselves. Whereas Bits are the monetary value given to the streamer.

Cheer100 Hey, loving the stream so far, keep up the good work!’

This message would give 100 bits to the streamer and attach the message ‘Hey, loving the stream so far, keep up the good work!’

Rewards for Cheering

So as a viewer is there any incentive to cheer bits to a streamer other than to support them and their content creation? Yes!

Chat Badges

To reward you for support your favourite streamer you will be given a special badge that will appear when you are chatting in that specific channel. This badge will improve when you reach new milestones of donations.

For example, you will have Tier 1 badge when you cheer a single bit in someone’s channel, this will upgrade to a Tier 2 badge when you cheer an extra 99 bits totalling 100 bits.

Bit Leaderboards

If you’re a competitive person you may find it rewarding to be at the top of the cheering leaderboards in someone’s channel. Even though this doesn’t give you any tangible items in reward for cheering, it does give you bragging rights as a big supporter of a channel.

Note that these leaderboards can be filtered to show All-Time Top Cheerers, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily. So if you come back to a channel and you’re no longer on the top spot, you may be the all-time top cheerer but another user has cheered more than you this month/week/day.

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