13 Twitch Channel Point Ideas You Can Use Today

Twitch Channel Points are one of the many new features being released by Twitch that helps viewers and streamers interact better together. It’s also part of the effort to keep up with Mixer, but you can read more about that here.

With the release of Twitch Channel Points, viewers now have the chance to be rewarded for spending time in a channel and being an active viewer. The challenge now is for streamers to come up with those rewards.

Here’s where this list can come in handy! Here is a bunch of ways you could use the new Channel Points in your own stream.

1. Funky Costume Change

Some streamers have a wardrobe full of different outfits and costumes that they use on stream. Consider trying out a reward that lets viewers choose a piece of your outfit.

Whether it’s something small like a fake mustache or a hilarious hat, to something crazy like a full Joker costume. Give your viewers a little control over what you look like.

Remember to set high prices and usage limits! It is supposed to add to the stream not become the main event.

2. 1v1 In Your Favourite Game

If you’ve got a competitive nature you might have the beat everyone in your stream. One day a week, or towards the end of your stream, you could set up some 1v1s on your favorite game.

Get people to enter by buying channel point tickets, however, depending on the size of your stream, not everyone will be able to have a go. You could still utilize channel points to form a raffle and then choose people randomly.

This way people are still rewarded for being active in your chat and hanging around in your stream.

3. Next Game Participation

Often times viewers love to interact and hang out with their favorite streamers. One of the ways you can do this is to let them join your games and play with you.

For instance, you can run a channel points reward that allows up to 4 people to join your next A.R.A.M game on League of Legends. It’s only something small but it gives people a reason to collect and spend their channel points.

4. Name a Character

Depending on what you do on stream this may not be too relevant. However, for some people, they spend their time on management games like RimWorld, Prison Architect or Oxygen Not Included.

In these games you can re-name characters to whatever you like, giving you the opportunity to sell off these names to viewers that have enough channel points.

5. VIP for a Day

VIP is one of those lesser-used roles in Twitch channels. It comes with a shiny diamond badge and stands out amongst the regular chatters, but some streamers just don’t give anyone the role.

If you find yourself with no VIPs in your chat, you could set a large Channel Point goal to let someone have VIP for the day. It carries no extra permissions so they can’t destroy your chat and is easily removed if they are abusing it!

6. Big Flex

Some people are never going to spend their Channel Points on the rewards you set up. This means that people are going to have hundreds of thousands of points in their account.

Consider setting some flex tiers that allow people to just burn points that do nothing but let people display how many points they have.

7. Beanboozle Challenge

This challenge might seem a little old to some people now, or you might not know what it is. Beanboozle is a brand of Jelly Beans that also comes with some gross flavors like Puke and Dogsh*t!

Set up a Channel Point reward for someone who pays to see you eat a random jelly bean and watch for your reaction!

8. Physical Gift

Physical Gifts are not going to be viable for a lot of streamers. There is a cost involved that might not be covered by most peoples streaming and there is also the logistics of shipping.

However, if you’re someone who has a smaller community of super loyal supporters, it might be really nice to create small thank you gifts or mystery boxes. Viewers can then buy these for a large amount of Channel Points.

Physical Gifts are awesome to receive and fun to make and send, so consider it for your stream!

9. Custom Art Piece

This reward sounds like it’s exclusive to artists, but it’s not. While art channels are more likely to create extravagant pieces, this reward is also suitable for the not-so-artistic.

Crack open Microsoft Paint and do your best, if it doesn’t turn out good, I bet it turns out funny.

10. Exclusive Game Server Access

If you regularly play specific games, you might own a community server that people can play on with you.

Lots of times streamers that own these servers have a whitelist in place that stops them from being griefed by trolls too regularly. Using the new Channel Points you can let long time viewers and loyal supporters join in on the fun by giving them whitelist access.

If you don’t want to sell spots in your server, it could instead act as a Que-Jumper to let people skip long wait times to be approved.

11. Choose a Song

This one is pretty straight forward! Let the viewers pick a song to be played on stream!

Obviously take into consideration that things will need to be moderated, songs are often chosen to throw streamers off and contain some less than family-friendly content.

But choosing a song does add a great way for people to interact with you and your stream.

12. In-Game Challenge

In-game challenges have been around for a long time now, but you could start letting people choose them based on how many points they spend.

If you’re still unsure what kind of in-game challenges there are think about: Pistols Only, Choosing Summoner Spells or Level Difficulty.

13. Premium Discord Role

Discord is now used as a central home for streamers and their communities. If you don’t have one set up be sure to click on this link to read our getting started guide.

In a well-set-up discord, you will have channels that can only be seen in certain roles. Exclusive content. Normally this content is given to subscribers or Patreons, but consider setting something up that gives large Channel Point supporters some extra access on your discord.

It may encourage people to spend more time watching you so they can join in on the fun in your exclusive discord channels!

Got one we don’t have?

This list is going to grow over time, so if you have an idea that we don’t have yet, be sure to let us know what it is in the comments!

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