Twitch Channel Points: How To Enable, Earn, Tips & Ideas

Streamers have long been looking for ways to reward the loyal supporters in their chat. Third-party applications and chatbots have made this possible in the past with ways to accumulate some sort of loyalty points.

However, one of the interactions that were always missing from these third-party integrations was tangible and meaningful rewards. With the introduction of Twitch Channel Points, they are looking to solve this problem and bring meaningful rewards to chat.

What are Twitch Channel Points?

Twitch channel points are a new currency that can be earned by active viewers in a specific channel. These points can then be redeemed for temporary special chat features or custom channel rewards!

With the addition of Twitch channel points, you can create a more interactive and inclusive stream for viewers. The custom rewards make this especially possible and allow you to be creative in what you make available to loyal viewers.

How do viewers earn channel points

To encourage active viewership and interacting with the stream, Twitch has implemented different ways to earn channel points. The base amount of earnings is 10 points per 5 minutes of viewing, however, clicking on active bonus points can give you up to 50 points. Subscribers benefit from double watch time points.

Here is a full break down of how to get points.

5 minutes of watch time10 – (20*)
5 minutes of watch time (click to activate)50 – (100*)
Participating in a raid250
Following a channel300
Watching 2 streams in a row300
Watching 3 streams in a row350
Watching 4 streams in a row400
Watching 5+ streams in a row450
1st Cheer (30 Day Cooldown)350
1st Gifted Sub (30 Day Cooldown)500

Who can enable channel points

Currently, Twitch is still developing the system so it is considered ‘early access’ therefore available to only a select few Affiliates and Partners. We can expect them to roll the feature out to all affiliates partners sometime soon, but if you’d like to participate in the beta you’re going to need to sign up.

Head on over to this link here, and sign in with the Twitch account that you want to access with. Then simply click on the get access button and if you’re selected for an invitation you’ll be notified via email.

If you have been invited to try the system before release it can be enabled / disabled and managed from your Dashboard Setting under ‘Channel Points’.

What can points be redeemed for

So far Twitch has given us a number of default options that a viewer can redeem their points for and these integrate well into the chatting experience.

  • Unlock a random sub emote – Gives access to a random channel emote for 24 hours
  • Choose an emote to unlock – Gives access to a selected channel emote for 24 hours
  • Highlight a message – Makes a message stand out with a highlighted background
  • Send a message in sub-only mode – Send a single message in chat while sub-only mode is enabled
  • Modify a single emote – Temporary access to a modified emote
  • Custom Rewards – Channels can create their own unique unlocks with custom rewards

How to customize your channel points and rewards

You can start customizing your channel points today by visiting your Channel Dashboard > Channel Points > Customize Points Display. Here you can rename your points to something more unique and on-brand. There are also a lot of other changes you can make in this section of the dashboard such as the following.


Channel points are provided with a simple standard icon which will represent the number of points a viewer has earned. To make this feel like your own currency you can create a new graphic and update the standard one to something more YOU!

Providing another opportunity for you to flesh out your branding is with the unlock-able rewards. These can also have their icons changed, making it so you can fully customize the rewards deck, from background colors to icons. Remember to stay on-brand!


Rewards can have their own custom pricing and I think getting this right will be really important to keep a good pace on your stream. When you come to deciding prices remember that a normal viewer can earn over 360 points an hour, and subs earn double that.

If you stream for 5/6 hours per session, include raids and consecutive watch bonuses, a subscriber could earn over 5000 points a stream. Make sure you take this into consideration and set the rewards that you only want people to use rarely, at a pretty high rate!

Custom Rewards

This is the most exciting part about the new channel points update! Finally, Twitch has given us a way to reward loyal fans even if they can’t afford to support with cash.

Third-Party applications and chatbots have subsidized this experience for some time with gambling bots and point systems but they never really provided tangible rewards or a way to claim them.

With custom rewards, you can create anything you want from A.M.As to Polls in chat that can be redeemed with your own points!

Limiting Uses

One of the best parts about this update is the function that limits the uses of a particular kind of reward. For example, you create a new reward where a viewer can decide they want you to wear a funny costume, do a ridiculous dance or eat a full packet of beanboozles.

None of those options would likely want to be done twice in a row, therefore you can set the number of uses a reward can have per stream so people won’t be wasting their channel points, and you won’t have to do too much crazy stuff!

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