Twitch Hype Train: What is it, How to Enable & More

Twitch is kicking off 2020 with a brand new feature for January. Introducing the Twitch Hype Train! This jam-packed feature has been designed to make huge community celebrations more common, exciting and rewarding.

Gone are the days of the original sub-train. Twitch has now implemented a new way to reward communities for coming together and supporting their favorite creators in a small window of time. So, what is this Twitch Hype Train, and how can you get on-board.

What is the Twitch Hype Train?

The Twitch Hype Train is a brand new feature that can be triggered by a spike in activities like subscriptions and bit donations. This special event includes 5 different levels that are unlocked at different milestones of support. At the end of the event, emote-rewards are distributed to contributors, based on the level reached.

This hype-train is Twitch’s implementation of the better-known sub-trains. Now giving people goals to work towards with contributions of subscriptions and donations. These contributions will fill up a ‘community-meter’ and when full will progress to the next level.

When does a Hype Train start and how can you get involved?

Hype Trains will begin when there has been a considerable ‘spike’ in support of events such as subscriptions or bit donations. The number of events needed to trigger a Hype Train is set-up by the streamer and can be between 3 and 25 different events.

When a Hype Train is triggered a new feature card will appear at the top of the chat, displaying the current level, percentage complete and time remaining to complete the level.

Note that a single contributor cannot start a Hype Train alone. There must be multiple community members contributing to start the event.

To get involved with the Hype Train, you must make a contribution to the channel and the streamer. This can be in the form of a paid subscription, Twitch Prime subscription, gifted sub or a cheer of at least 100 bits.

During the event, the biggest contributor that is filling up the Hype-O-Meter the most will be labeled as the Hype Conductor, shown in the event card above the chat. The big players will fight for this spot during the event!

There are rewards? What are they

If you choose to join in and contribute during the Hype Train event, you will become eligible for the rewards that are distributed after the conclusion of the event.

There are currently 5 levels to the Hype Train and 5 standard emotes per level plus a bonus emote than can be awarded if the Hype Train was set to maximum difficulty.

Once the Hype Train has come to an end each contributor will receive a single random emote from the highest level reached. Duplicate emotes cannot be awarded and If you have all of the emotes from that level, you will be awarded one from the level below. If you have all emotes from the level reached and the levels below you will not be awarded an emote.

Hype Train Emotes released January 2020

Twitch has stated that these awarded emotes will not be permanent and the themes will change every couple of months to keep it fresh and entertaining.

Why did the Hype Train finish so quickly?

Each streamer is able to tweak their Hype Train settings so that their community can get the best experience from the event. This would be where each level is challenging and rewarding to see accomplished, but not impossible where people are unmotivated to contribute.

If a streamer has their difficulty set to ‘Easy’ then it is plausible that a single contributor can finish multiple levels with a single donation or with a large number of gifted subs.

The Hype Train is supposed to be a special event in the chat and therefore should be more difficult to represent that. As such it also comes with a cooldown period of between 1 and 8 hours, which can be set by the streamer.

Who, What, How? Information for Streamers.

This new feature has been rolled out today for use by all affiliates and partners. It can be set up in the creator dashboard under ‘Affiliate / Partner Settings’ and is enabled by default.

As a special event the Hype Train could be a great addition to your channel, so make sure it is set-up to reflect that! You can set the threshold of support actions needed between 3 and 25 to trigger the event. Make sure that this number is uncommonly achieved in a short time frame on your channel.

Next, you will want to set the difficulty. There will be some trial and error testing needed here to make sure that the levels are not too easy and are actually rewarding for your community to achieve. Seeing the levels go up too fast and the event being over in 3 minutes will not be ideal!

You can choose between Easy, Medium, Hard, Super Hard and Insane levels of difficulty. Bonus emotes can be awarded for levels completed on Insane difficulty.

Finally, keep a long cooldown. 8 hours is the maximum cooldown for this feature and I would encourage you to set it to this! You don’t want this event to take over your channel and happen commonly. It runs the risk of becoming boring to the viewers and also appearing as a money-grab. The last thing you want is to look like a sell-out.

Are YOU trying to grow your stream?

If you’re a streamer on Twitch, YouTube or Mixer and you’re looking to grow much bigger in 2021 then this article is a MUST READ. Whether you’re starting from zero or already established, the information here will make sure 2021 your best year yet!

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