Twitch Teams: What Are They, How to Join & How to Grow

Networking is one of the most important things you can do as a small and growing streamer. With Twitch having little to no discoverability features, it can be really difficult for viewers to find new content and streamers that they can enjoy watching. One of the ways you can help give yourself more chance of being found on Twitch is to join a Twitch Team. Not sure what that is?

Twitch Teams are a way for streamers to join together in a group and show that they are a part of the same streaming community, under one name. Creating a Twitch Team is only available to partners but any streamer can join one if they are invited.

This means that groups of streamers can fly under the same flag and when it is done correctly, it not only encourages streamers to become closer and more social but it allows for good working relationships to be built.

How can Twitch Teams help growth?

People can join a streaming group, so what?

Well if you’re joining a Twitch Team just to have the team name below your stream title, you’re missing out on the real growth opportunities. If you can find the right team, the connections you can make with other streamers will be much easier to form and will be a lot more valuable.

People who stream in the same Twitch Team as you are much more likely to pop-by and watch your stream, host or raid you when they go offline and bring a more interactive chat experience to your channel.

However, if you are looking to join a team only to take value, you’re probably not going to find much success. These streaming teams are only as good as the people in them, and if you want to receive good networking and growth, you really need to provide value to other members.

Joining a team is not a fast track to success, but finding the right team will make networking and slow-growth a much more streamlined and enjoyable process.

REMEMBER: Providing VALUE is the best way to grow. Give value to others, form real friendships, interact with other streams, and provide unique and interesting content when you go live.

Finding the right Twitch Team

The next challenge is finding a good team to join. Depending on the kind of channel you run, the best thing to do is first try and look for a community that shares your niche.

An example of this would be a streaming channel dedicated to Leather Crafting. If you had a channel like that, try and find a team focused around arts and crafts. Woodworking / Cosplay / Painting. This would be ideal, as you could form real relationships with the streamers and their viewers are likely to also enjoy your content. Check out SullyGnome Opens in a new tab.for a list of most active teams and find one that sutis you.

Finding a niche group might not be possible for you but there is likely to be some sort of group that shares the same game or genre. Be careful though, if you join a group of people all playing the same game, you may lose more audience than you gain if you can’t provide enough value.


Different Types Of Teams:

  • Huge Teams – These are Teams that are likely to let anyone in, you would need to join a discord/contact the owner and request an invite. There is no vetting process and the only perks you get are the team name below your stream title. These groups offer little to no value.
  • Big Teams – A big team would a group in the 100’s of members. Joining these teams is oftentimes not very valuable but can be more of a title to show viewers or other streamers that you associate with those involved.
  • Niche Networking Teams – Niche teams are the smaller sized groups that are more exclusive and much more valuable. These are the groups that you can make personal connections with and share your audiences to help grow your numbers together. Aim to join one of these.
  • Community Teams – These are not exactly exclusive groups, but are more circles of friends where a streamer will create their own community and let their viewers and streamer friends join. It can be good to join or create one of these if you want to represent your team!
  • Sponsorship Teams – An exclusive kind of team reserved only for people who are sponsored by corporations and companies. An example of this would Corsair. Being invited to join the Corsair Twitch Team signals that you endorse and are sponsored that company.

Can I join more than one team?

There is no cap to the number of Twitch Teams you can join, however that doesn’t mean you should go ahead and join as many teams as you possibly can. Remember that if you want to extract the value from a team you also need to add value. Joining more than one team could mean you are spread too thinly and cannot provide good value to each member of the group.

Reserve joining multiple teams for your friends and community members. Have one serious niche networking team that you commit too, and then if your friends invite you to their community teams then join those too! But don’t expect to receive lots of cross-promotion from them.

Joining vs Creating a Twitch Team

For most people, their only choice will be joining an already established team but that doesn’t mean it’s worse. Joining a team means that there are already people there ready for you to connect and grow with. Established teams are used to cross-promoting streams and if you are able to join a good team and reciprocate this promoting, you could all see growth.

Creating a team will require you to be a Twitch Partner and will come with its own administration duties, however, they are not too difficult.

If you choose to create a team, you get the freedom to decide on its name, values and relationships between streamers. This means you get to brand accordingly and grow the team with content creators that you know and love! However, this will require you to lead by example and set the ground rules for how you wish your team to operate.

How to create your own Twitch Team

Creating a Twitch Team is not difficult, but it does require you to open a support ticket and remember you must be a Twitch Partner.

Opening a Support Ticket

  • Firstly you will need to sign in to your Partnered Twitch Account and visit the support site to open your ticket.
  • Next, you will need to fill out the category details and copy and paste the following into your new support ticket:
    Team Page URL (i.e.,
    Team Display Name:
    Twitch account to own/edit:
  • Fill out the details above and send off your ticket to be reviewed by Twitch Staff.

It’s important to note, the URL of the team page CANNOT BE CHANGED once it has been set, so choose carefully! Each partner is limited to 2 team request support tickets.

Next Steps

Once your team has been approved and created by Twitch Staff, you will need to visit your team page and set it up. You can get to the settings by the following: Channel Settings > Channel and Videos > My Teams > Settings.

Here you can upload artwork, create descriptions and generally design how the team page will look to the public.

Once complete you should begin inviting members. You can do this in the members’ tab of the ‘My Teams’ section. Here you can also order the priority of streamers which will determine who is placed higher in the Twitch Team list when multiple streamers are live, maximizing exposure.

Lastly, you will also be able to view insights of the Twitch Team members if they choose to share the details with the group, this includes revenue generated and stream stats.

Who can join a Twitch Team and How?

Anyone can join a Twitch Team after it has been established, however, they will need to be invited to join it. This will require the owner of the team to visit their members’ panel in Channel Settings > Channel and Videos > My Teams > Members and use the selected channel name to invite a new member.

To accept the team invite from the owner you must visit your own dashboard > Channel Settings > Channel and Videos > My Teams and click accept on the pending invitation.

Leaving a Twitch Team

Finding the right Twitch Team is not always an easy task, so you may have to join and leave a few before you find the community you like the most. If you are going to leave a team, its best that you shoot a message to the team owner and give them a polite reason for leaving.

It’s always best to not burn bridges, just in case you find yourself wanting to rejoin later down the line.

To leave a team visit your Dashboard > Channel Settings > Channel and Videos > My Teams > Settings > Remove. Click on the small trash icon and you will remove yourself from the team.

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